Help grid actively and get paid.
Your every 10 floors (200k sq. ft.) = $10,000 in earnings.
and win on sustainability scales
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Just 16 hours a year.

All this earning for minimal operational changes.
What is Demand Response?
Grid production capability
Ideal situation
Not so
Ideal situation
Cause instability in the grid and producing more power is expensive. Financially and environmentally.
How to solve this problem elegantly?
Energy saved = Energy produced
Instead of producing more, the grid asks the heavy users (Industries and buildings) to reduce their consumption for certain times around the year to improve the grid stability.
Balance restored
Your contribution in reducing consumption
Get paid for your participation.
for even being compliant and more if there was a grid emergency event.
Exploring new opportunities can be scary.
Let us make it easy for you.
No fee. No risk
We are in this together.
We will take care of all expenses.
You get paid first and then us.
The Electric grid made it very complex but we take care of all that!
To do: Taken care by rEnergy
Participate in auction (Time sensitive)
Submit and optimize bids to the energy market.
Monitoring and activation of emergency or testing events.
Submitting metering data for verification.
Financial reconciliation and ensuring we get the correct amount due!
Whether you are an asset manager or a building operator, information is key.
Easy to view earnings for asset managers
Financial overview dashboard preview
Easy to view DR activation status for building operators
Financial overview dashboard preview
We have simple, at-a-glance reports for everyone.
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